Energy Systems

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Systems

Solar Energy – Renewable Energy Solar renewable Energy is the most easiest energy since 10000 years of use. Also At the surface of the Sun the intensity of the solar radiation is about 6.33×10^7 W/m2 (63MW/m2) and global mean solar power at earth’s surface is 170W/m². Available Solar Energy Calculation First the Solar Constant is the average extraterrestrial irradiance at the edge of the atmosphere. Isc= 1367 W/m2. Thus, the average irradiance incident on the earth’s surface (without the effects of the atmosphere) is 684 W/m2 Solar Maps Insolationis a measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area in …

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Energy Management

Energy Management Begins at Home home energy management is essential for country to get optimum results. Visit this articles for more energy articles. Electricity saving in the households lighting television heating applications (ironing) refrigeration motive power (pumps, appliances) Lighting Lighting consumes 50-100 kwh per month only a smaller share of electricity used in households in …

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energy management

Energy Economics

Energy Economics are Important analysis since its necessary to estimate the whether our investment give us the required output or profit without concerning it is private or public project Contents Economic comparison of energy supply systems Economics of energy efficiency Energy Pricing Economic cost-benefit and Financial analysis of energy sector projects Examples Why conduct economic/financial …

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