Floating nuclear power plant (FNPP)

Let us mention one more promising application of techno

logical principles used in the design of ships with

nuclear reactor. Let’s say there is a settlement or an industrial

an enterprise located in an underdeveloped region of the country –

example, in Chukotka or Yakutia. Providing heat and energy

zheniya is a long-standing problem in those areas, since the delivery

how much the usual hydrocarbon fuel (coal or gas) costs

quite expensive. Let us also assume that this settlement is not located

very far from the sea coast or navigable river. Then one

from the best solutions becomes FNPP – Floating Nuclear Thermal Power

power plant (see fig. 4.14).

Figure 4.14 – Floating power unit

In the case of a floating nuclear power plant, a power unit with an icebreaking reactor is installed

is carried on a floating platform that is transported by water

to your “workplace”; it remains to establish a power line – and

power supply problem solved. The problem of fuel delivery is solved

it is much easier, since the floating nuclear power plant burns hundreds of thousands of times less

fuel than coal or gas stations. In addition, the floating nuclear

the station will not require the alienation of the territory – it does not require rescue

to beat the forest, prepare the site, lay roads – this means nature

will remain intact. And at the end of the service life of the floating nuclear power plant, it is simply

towed for disposal.

Figure 4.15 – FNPP at sea

A floating nuclear power plant capable of solving not only issues

supply of electricity and heat to offshore oil and gas

platforms (Fig. 4.15), but can desalinate sea water (Fig. 4.16), which

especially important in conditions of depletion of fresh water resources.

Figure 4.16 – FNPP with a desalination plant (in the figure on the right)

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