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Energy Management

Energy Management Begins at Home

home energy management is essential for country to get optimum results. Visit this articles for more energy articles.

Electricity saving in the households

  1. lighting
  2. television
  3. heating applications (ironing)
  4. refrigeration
  5. motive power (pumps, appliances)


Lighting consumes 50-100 kwh per month only a smaller share of electricity used in households in middle and upper consumption blocks appropriate use of cfls, avoid use of poor-quality ballasts, light-colored walls, curtains, floor and furniture, optimum use of daylight and clean fittings.

As example we can use task-oriented lighting to save large amount of light energy.

Table Lamp
Table Lamp


Fans consumes 20-30 kWh per month for overnight use per fan and Ceiling fans consume 80 Watt. Uses 1 kWh of electricity for a 12-hour run instead use Wall/pedestal fans use only 40 W.


Television consumes around 20-30 kWh per month. Larger TVs use more electricity so do not keep the TV on standby for long hours. Switch-off from the wall socket overnight and using Wireless handsets is reducing power consumption. Also needed to Switch-off when not needed.


Iron is usually consuming 30-45 kWh per month so reduce the use of electricity for heating. Iron all the item in one time for week or few days save lot of energy. Also do not use hotplates and electric kettles are better than them. Also, any equipment with overheating is sign of wastes electricity try to replace them or fix them.


Refrigerator is usually consuming around 40-100 kWh per month it is better to use Size the fridge to suit the requirements of ours. Main things are to reduce refrigerator consume is to Stop frequent opening of refrigerator and check the door seal or not properly once a year or some periodically time. Also auto defrost consumes more so you need to fix the machine to remove them. Refrigerator need to keep a space at the back and need to keep away from sunlight.

Pumps and appliances

Pumps and appliances are usually consuming 40-100 kwh per month so do not waste water 85% of water cost is electricity to pump them and purify it. We need to use appliances wisely and manage the washing.

Energy Management in Industries, Commercial Customers

Both demand and energy use must be managed

Packaging Material Industry Energy Management
Packaging Material Industry
Beverage Industry Energy Management
Beverage Industry
Resort Energy Management
Cement Industry
Cement Industry
Airport Terminal Air Conditioning System
Airport Terminal Air Conditioning System

Analysis of a Few Typical Customers

These results are only indicative and based only on a 48-hour snapshot profile. They represent some the worst-case customers, who would have to work harder to manage the demand in the peak period

Role of energy management in industry

Manufacturing industry energy manufacturing industry energy costs up to 50% of recurrent costs and costs up to 50% of recurrent costs. Energy intensive industries are also energy intensive industries are also the high value adders, generate the high value adders, generate employment, hence they should be protected hence they should be protected. Most industries have potential to most industries have potential to save 10% to 30% of energy costs. Buildings also have substantial potential to save, especially in ageing air conditioning and lighting systems and efficiency improvement potential at least 10%.

Energy management the way forward

In addition Good work implemented, lacks systematic and regular energy management effort. Requires energy data to be regularly analyzed in detail, deviations investigated. Establish targets, plans and projects to achieve targets.

Energy metering

Also Supplier’s meter is the only electricity meter in most buildings. Fuel meters do not exist and need to calibrate meters also need to calibrate meters.

Energy auditing

Systematic analysis of energy flows in a process and Part of an overall Energy Management exercise Objective of using energy more efficiently Should be an on-going process not an attempt to “catch the culprits”, rather the application of known principles in practice.

Calculate Specific Energy Consumption
Calculate Specific Energy Consumption
bench marking and monitoring Energy Management
bench marking and monitoring

Saving Fuel Used for Transport

  1. due to Use public transport
  2. due to much needs to be done by the Govt to improve services
  3. Use common/shared transport
  4. Use communication facilities to the maximum, avoid travel
  5. due to Railway electrification

Also home energy management is essential for country to get optimum results. Visit this articles for more energy articles.

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