History of science technics and energy

History of technical progress

History of technical progress with suitable examples and sketches are discuss here advanced. History of technical progress is needed to read;.


History is a study, a totality of facts, events related to the past life of mankind, some branch of science or technology, object, culture, etc. It is a memory of the past, about outstanding events, people. The concepts of “history”, “historical fact” include not only past events, but also that which relates to a person, to his inner world. History educates and shapes man; she is a great teacher of man and society.

The purpose of each generation of people is to:

– master what is left to them by past generations;

– to bring new things through his own work – to create, build, research, improve;

– pass it all on to the next generation.

Communicating knowledge in the form in which it was first obtained, history shows the methods of work and the course of creative thought, teaches courage and initiative, fosters a sense of newness and encourages action. It is legitimate to say that history is the science of the future. If we want to manage our future and direct it to the desired goals, then one of the main means for this is to study history – to reveal how our society, or science and technology, has developed and developed, and how to use it in our time useful history lessons.

The study of the historical past is of practical importance, since its final conclusions bring us close to the practical needs of the current moment.

History is inexhaustible and endless. She continues now. We are contemporaries and witnesses of many inventions, discoveries that make and still will make many changes in the material, social, cultural and spiritual life of mankind, in world knowledge – this is radio, television, nuclear and thermonuclear energy, computer technology, nanotechnology, etc. . P.

The development of electrical engineering and the electric power industry – our fields of research with you – is connected with the work of so many people: geniuses, inventors, curious people, scientists – who are not indifferent, thinking, hardworking, morally rich.

Studying the history of the electric power industry is a kind of communication, it touches on the incentive and motivational aspects of the individual, economic needs. In this case, the effect of presence arises, which allows one to be as an accomplice in the events under consideration.

Relying on the spiritual and moral experience of centuries, imbued with a historical feeling, a person gradually develops a personal responsibility in himself for everything that has happened and is happening in the world. It strengthens the sense of moral duty, which is the core of a true person.

The history of science and technology inspires confidence in the surmountability of difficulties, in the unlimited possibilities of man.

Scientific and technical progress

Progress – moving forward to a more perfect state; change for the better.

But does it always happen that way ?!

At present – the beginning of the 21st century – general, and especially scientific and technical progress, has reached such a high level that, for example, energy, electric power and industry have a very significant and far from positive impact on the biosphere and the environment due to the commensurability of capacities in man-made systems and global processes in nature.

In his last article, one of the creators of the hydrogen bomb in Russia, Academician Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov wrote:

Scientific and technological progress will not bring happiness if it is not complemented by an extremely deep positive change in the social, moral and cultural life of mankind.

The inner spiritual life of people, the internal impulses of their activity, are the most difficult to predict, and this ultimately depends on the death and salvation of mankind.

Despite the conservatism inherent in man, scientific and technological progress cannot be stopped. Its main engine is labor, the desire to make life better. History shows that people do not easily accept new ideas, truths, and that, on the contrary,

they stubbornly reject them, the more these truths go beyond the realms of the senses, habitual, ordinary.

It must be understood and remembered that labor is an inexhaustible source of strength and comfort of a person in any situations.

Self Test Questions

1. What is the significance of knowledge of history (in a specific field)?

2. What are the goals and objectives of science? Her stages of development?

3. Under the influence of what factors does science develop?

4. What are the basic laws of the development of science?

5. What role does technology play in social development?

6. What stages can be distinguished in the development of technology?

7. What is the significance of technology in human activities?

8. What role does electric power play in the life of human society?

History of technical progress with suitable examples and sketches are discuss here advanced. History of technical progress is needed to read;.

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